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US Democrats see “most important files” of the Mueller report

The US Department of Justice distracts and pulls out Russia files on Trump. With the documents, the Democrats want to clarify whether Donald Trump obstructed the judiciary in the investigation.

In the dispute over the report of Russia special investigator Robert Mueller, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives and the Ministry of Justice have reached agreement on one point. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said Monday that the Department of Justice had agreed to “open Mueller’s most important files for us”. It is about “central evidence” that underlie the Mueller report on the question of whether the Republican US President Donald Trump had obstructed the judiciary in the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Mueller had completed his work by the end of March and delivered his report to Justice Secretary William Barr, which was published several weeks later – blackened in parts. In the report, Mueller did not comment clearly on the allegation of judicial disability, but put forward arguments for and against it. In his only public statement, however, Mueller Trump expressly did not release himself from the accusation at the end of May.

Nadler said despite the partial agreement with the ministry, the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives will vote on a resolution on the Mueller report this Tuesday. The resolution seeks to authorize Nadler to go to court to force Barr and Trump’s former legal adviser Donald McGahn to comply with the committee’s demands.

Nadler had asked Barr, under penalty of punishment, to hand over the undecorated Mueller report in addition to the underlying evidence. The Minister of Justice rejects that. McGahn – a key figure in Mueller’s investigation – again did not comply with a compulsory summons from the Judiciary Committee. Mueller’s final report lists Trump’s attempts to influence the investigation, including through McGahn.

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