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Undertaker and Goldberg almost bring in the ring

The wrestling world is in turmoil: The fans are afraid for their stars.

Because the fighting becomes more and more dangerous, more and more lethal. At the weekend, WWE and New Japan held two big shows. Actually, the fans should enjoy the choreographed matches. But instead of joy there was fear. Afraid that someone dies in the ring.

Undertaker (left) and Goldberg faced each other for the first time in a fight on Friday

Undertaker and Goldberg almost kill each other!

It was to be the highlight of WWE’s third Saudi show: Undertaker (54) against Goldberg (52). For the first time, the two legends met on Friday night. Total age 106 years.

But after a few minutes, the match collapses completely. Goldberg runs against the ring post, pulling a gaping laceration – and a concussion.

Goldberg (right) pulls a gaping wound after a few months

The television pictures clearly show that Goldberg can barely stand up afterwards. But the fight is not stopped, goes on. The life-threatening debacle takes its course.

The “Tombstone” from Undertaker goes terribly wrong: Goldberg lands his head exactly on the ring mat. Perilous.

Then Goldberg tries on his legendary “Jackhammer”. But he can not really lift the Undertaker in the air. Instead of landing on his back, the 54-year-old crashes on his neck. Again mortal danger.

But even now the fight is not stopped. The show must go on! After all, the Saudi sheikh is paying millions of dollars for these shows.

The rest of the fight is a succession of mistakes. Errors that can result in injuries.

First, a “tombstone” account does not succeed, then Goldberg no longer manages to jump off the “Chokeslam” correctly. The mega-fight became a debacle.

The Undertaker’s face immediately after his victory speaks volumes.

The Undertaker is visibly angry

On Sunday, a fan video appeared, which shows how bad it was about Goldberg.

After the end of the fight, this collapsed off the TV cameras.

On Twitter he apologizes later in the evening for this fight. He wrote, “Got it on and thought I could finish it. Love my fans, but I have disappointed you. “

But these are just happy that both have survived and demand: Please let the legend retire.

In Japan, Ibushi almost broke his neck

On Sunday, the second largest event of the year in New Japan Wrestling took place in Osaka – “Dominion”. In contrast to the WWE show, the fans were enthusiastic. Great fights, great wrestling. BUT: Some actions were life threatening.

Negative highlight: In the fight between Tetsuya Naitō and Kota Ibushi Ibushi almost broke his neck when he got stuck in a German suplex with his head on the edge of the ring.

Planned, unplanned? No matter! The fans discuss violently on Twitter. The unanimous opinion: Please stop almost killing each other.

Wrestling expert Bryan Alvarez, 43, said on his radio show on Sunday: “These actions cost years of your life. Creepy. I was worried about her safety. I never want to see these two fight each other again. In the past, wrestlers died in the ring because their broken bodies did not participate anymore. It will happen again. If a Naito goes on like this, he dies in the ring. “

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