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Mega-protest against China forces course change

After the mass protests in Hong Kong, the second parliamentary reading of the controversial extradition law has been postponed. And indefinitely.

Policemen are on guard while protesters gather in front of the Legislative Council to discuss the law on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, a session was supposed to be held in the parliament of the Chinese Special Administrative Region. Earlier, tens of thousands protesters had blocked important arteries and government buildings in Hong Kong.

A woman holds up a cross and flowers while attending a protest meeting in front of the parliament.

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Hong Kong on Sunday in Hong Kong against the planned law that would allow deliveries to mainland China in the future. It was the biggest demo since the transfer of the former British Crown Colony to China in 1997.

So far, Hong Kong has refrained from delivering to mainland China because the Chinese judicial system is not very transparent and the use of the death penalty is widespread.

For the return of Great Britain, Hong Kong has pledged far-reaching internal autonomy for 50 years under the formula “One Land, Two Systems”. In Hong Kong, therefore, fundamental rights that are denied to the citizens of the People’s Republic, such as freedom of expression and freedom of the press, apply.

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