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Kim Jong-un: North Korean dictator feeds General at Piranhas

Kim Jong-un is known for his brutal executions. But now come new heinous details of the cruel execution methods of the North Korean ruler to light.

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un has often hit the headlines for his brutal methods of execution. After the controversial dictator last had two clairvoyants executed in public, Kim Jong-un now wants to favor a whole new kind of execution.

Kim Jong-un soll seine Feinde an Piranhas verfüttern.

Kim Jong-un feeds General to his piranhas

Among other things, the British newspaper “Daily Star” reports, the 35-year-old should have fed a general to his piranhas. According to the report, he allegedly planned a coup against North Korea’s rulers. To get rid of the supposedly renegade employee, Kim Jong-un is said to have thrown the man into a piranhas-filled pool built at Kim’s Ryongsong residence in Pyongyang.

No mercy! North Korea dictator casts general in Piranha basin

According to the British media, the nameless general is said to be the youngest victim of the dictatorial leader, who has already executed numerous aides, including a US special envoy. It is alleged that the general’s arms and torso were first cut open before being thrown into the tank filled with hundreds of piranhas imported from Brazil specifically for Kim Jong-un.

Brutal Piranha Execution: Was Kim Jong-un inspired by the “James Bond” movie?

However, it is unclear whether the general was killed by the carnivorous fish, died of dying or even drowned in his previous wounds. One thing is for sure: The carnivorous fish have razor-sharp teeth that can tear off the flesh of a corpse within a few minutes. Meanwhile, the British Daily Star claimed that the North Korean leader may have been inspired by the James Bond movie “One lives only twice”.

Execution horror in North Korea: So brutal are Kim Jong-us execution methods

The villain Blofeld has had his assistant Helga Brandt thrown into a piranha basin in the film. She dies a terrible death. A British intelligence official told Daily Star: “The use of piranha is typical of Kim.” Other killing methods used by Kim include blasting alleged traitors with an anti-tank gun and burning prisoners with a flame-thrower. Since his successor as dictator of North Korea Kim Jong -un is said to have killed 16 adjutants.

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