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Helicopter crashes High-rise in New York

A helicopter crashed into a 51-story skyscraper in New York’s Manhattan district.

The station “CBSN” reports that the pilot Tim McCormack is dead. Normally today no helicopter should have been in the air because of the bad weather conditions and furthermore there is also a no-fly-area around the Trump-Tower, the transmitter reports further.

A video shows how the helicopter sways in the air

The incident occurred at 14 o’clock local time in fog and rain. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the helicopter was trying to land on the skyscraper roof. It broke out a fire that got the fire brigade with 100 forces but under control.

At the time of the crash, the rain clouds hung so low that the tops of the skyscrapers were invisible. Nobody should have been on board except for the pilot.

The crash site on the skyscraper shows wreckage of the helicopter
The building on which the helicopter wanted to make an emergency landing

Zach Escalante, a computer programmer, worked at the time of the failed emergency landing on the third floor of the AXA Equitable Building at 7th Avenue, corner 51st Street. He said to the New York Post: “We felt the building move.”

The White House said US President Donald Trump had been notified of the crash. The FAA said it collected information about the incident.

Governor Cuomo was also referred to in his brief statement on the attacks of September 11, 2001, as terrorists controlled aircraft, including in the World Trade Center in New York. There is no evidence that it is a similar incident, said the governor.

A helicopter of the type Agusta 109 E is said to have been the machine of misfortune

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to assume that the pilot himself is significantly responsible for the crash. He had seen a video circulating on the internet showing an unpredictable flying helicopter, de Blasio told the news channel CNN.

“It looked like the pilot was very unpredictable. It simply did not look like there was a mechanical problem on its route. “But he also acknowledged that the pilot’s personal or health problems could have led to the crash.

But you still do not know anything specific. According to initial findings, the pilot was considered experienced. First and foremost, he had flown businessmen.

Strange was also the chosen route of the helicopter. He had apparently made a U-turn on his way to the southern tip of Manhattan and had flown back over the center of the city. But he would have needed a permit, according to de Blasio, especially because there is the strictly sealed Trump Tower …

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