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Everyone waves, only Trump shakes hands with the Saudi prince

At a G20 summit, things often matter. Gestures can sometimes tell more about the relationship of state leaders than polished sentences. The moments of the meeting in Osaka in pictures.

That this summit would not become a self-run, was clear to all participants for some time. Diverse trade conflicts and disagreement over climate change provided more fuel than opportunities for agreement in the run-up to the G20 leaders meeting in Osaka.

Now, after the first day of the negotiations, there is already a failure of the meeting. Nevertheless, the summit is good for some astonishing as well as curious insight. Or did you know that Donald Trump has now come on the rhombus?

That the Saudi Crown Prince may stand in the front row despite the Khashoggi murder at the summit photo? Or that the Japanese think so little of protesting – unlike the hamburger? The photo show shows some of the remarkable moments.

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