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Endangered person has not been deported for 14 years

Two months ago the police found a semiautomatic pistol with ammunition and silencers at the rejected asylum seeker Rashid K. (allegedly 31) from Düsseldorf. He is considered a threat, violent and criminal. Nevertheless, he is at large, reports the “mirror”. Despite leaving duty Rashid K. is active as a criminal …

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Mega-protest against China forces course change

After the mass protests in Hong Kong, the second parliamentary reading of the controversial extradition law has been postponed. And indefinitely. Policemen are on guard while protesters gather in front of the Legislative Council to discuss the law on Wednesday On Wednesday morning, a session was supposed to be held …

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Kim Jong-un: North Korean dictator feeds General at Piranhas

Kim Jong-un is known for his brutal executions. But now come new heinous details of the cruel execution methods of the North Korean ruler to light. North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un has often hit the headlines for his brutal methods of execution. After the controversial dictator last had two clairvoyants …

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Helicopter crashes High-rise in New York

A helicopter crashed into a 51-story skyscraper in New York’s Manhattan district. The station “CBSN” reports that the pilot Tim McCormack is dead. Normally today no helicopter should have been in the air because of the bad weather conditions and furthermore there is also a no-fly-area around the Trump-Tower, the …

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New Zealand becomes first in world to unveil ‘well-being’ budget

New Zealand on Thursday announced a new budget worth billions of dollars to benefit mental health services and child poverty in its first so-called “well-being” budget. Unveiled by the country’s liberal-led government, the bill intends to measure social outcomes like health and the environment alongside traditional metrics such as economic growth. SUBSTANCE ABUSE AMONG VETERANS …

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Reporter’s Notebook: Inside Hezbollah’s attack tunnels

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military slowly lowers our crew underground using repurposed climbing equipment. Inside a steel tube, looking down hundreds of feet, the entrance to a Hezbollah attack tunnel is seen. The air is thin and it’s noticeably hotter as we progress deeper into the structure, at one point the Lebanese border is just a …

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