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Carter calls Trump unlawful president

Former US President Jimmy Carter (94) says Donald Trump lost the election. Trump is only because of the influence of Russia in office. “And I think this interference, while not yet quantified, would show in a full investigation that Trump did not really win the 2016 election,” Carter continued. “He …

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Trump invites Kim for a spontaneous meeting

US President Donald Trump asks for a chat: Not just anyone, not somewhere: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should come to the border of the two Koreas for a handshake and a short hello. Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam in February: The US President is now …

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Why Bill Gates Strg + Alt + Del regrets today

If you wanted to unlock a windows computer or call the task manager, then for a long time there was no way around the so-called parenthesis: Ctrl + Alt + Del. Today, Microsoft founder Bill Gates regrets the decision – and blames IBM. Everyone has already pressed this key combination: …

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Macron’s guest gift for Trump died in quarantine

The US president and the French president once planted an oak in front of the White House. Macrons’ gift should symbolize the solid relations of the states. Nothing came of it. It may symbolize the troubling relationship between the US and the Europeans: an oak tree planted in the garden …

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American Airlines is canceling Boeing 737 Max flights again

The problem with the Boeing 737 Max is becoming an ever greater catastrophe for the aircraft manufacturer! ► The American airline American Airlines has canceled the aircraft type that has been banned after two crashes for longer than previously planned from its flight plan. The airline now no longer use …

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Chief Democrat Criticizes Trump’s Customs “Threats”

Democrats Nancy Pelosi (79) and US President Donald Trump (72) have been fiercely fighting each other for days. Now the US opposition leader is launching a new attack. Background: The customs dispute with Mexico. Pelosi sharply criticized Trump’s Mexico policy. “Threats and tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy,” …

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