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Pregnant almost deaf, because bones in the ear grew together

After two pregnancies Kate was almost deaf The moment that Kate Llewellyn-Waters from Bath first discovered in England that she was nearly deaf could not have been more dramatic. At the first birth of her first child’s caesarean section, the newly minted mother panicked – because she did not hear …

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5 tricks to turn brown faster

Video: With these 5 tricks you will brown even faster A brown complexion stands for a healthy lifestyle in this country and for many is the beauty ideal for the warm season. We’ll tell you in the video, with which tricks you quickly brown and get the most tan out …

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Bedbugs: How to recognize and fight them

These insects are a real problem: bed bugs are annoying and multiply quickly. How the parasites tick and how you get rid of them. An unpleasant souvenir from the holiday: bed bugs. There are no reliable precautions, but there are ways to get rid of the annoying animals. “We have …

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Britney Spears shares ‘silly’ video after therapy amid mental health struggles

Britney Spears offered fans some levity amid reports of her alleged struggles with her mental health. The “Toxic” singer posted an Instagram video making goofy faces, captioning it, “.. after therapy and being too serious it’s so nice to be silly !!!!!” Spears’ boyfriend, Sam Asghari, left her a supportive comment, writing, “Inspiring people to be themselves rather …

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Experts cite ‘bully parents’ in decline in youth sports participation nationwide

Youth sports have long been seen as a right of passage in American childhood – from Little League baseball to Pop Warner football – but participation levels are dropping nationwide because kids say it’s no longer fun for them. The culprit? A pressure cooker environment created by overly invested parents, according to health professionals and many youth sports organizations. The out-of-control behavior …

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