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Carter calls Trump unlawful president

Former US President Jimmy Carter (94) says Donald Trump lost the election. Trump is only because of the influence of Russia in office.

“And I think this interference, while not yet quantified, would show in a full investigation that Trump did not really win the 2016 election,” Carter continued. “He lost the election and came into office because the Russians interfered in his name.”

Jimmy Carter was president of the USA from 1977 to 1981

▶ ︎ When the presenter asked Carter if he believed Trump was an unlawful president, the 94-year-old said, “Based on what I just said, what I can not take back, I would say yes.”

US intelligence sources blame Russia for intervening with hacker attacks in the 2016 presidential campaign to help Trump and hurt its rival Hillary Clinton. The intelligence services did not state whether this led to Trump’s election victory.

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