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“Bond 25”: An injured after explosion at the James Bond film set in London

Once again, there has been an unsightly glitch around the filming of “Bond 25”. After a seemingly out of control blast on the film set on the grounds of British Pinewood Studios, a member of the film crew was injured. The Bond franchise’s official Twitter account is talking about a “controlled explosion.” Obviously, there must have been a problem because, as the tweet goes on to say, the hall that was filmed was damaged. On the set itself, there had been no casualties, a member of the crew, who was staying outside, but have suffered “a slight injury”.

Media report: 3 explosions during filming “Bond 25”

Earlier, the British “Sun” reported that it had allegedly come to the site of Pinewood Studios to three major explosions. Images published by the newspaper include an ambulance and an apparently severely damaged hall. The injured crew member was accordingly hit by falling parts.

Even Daniel Craig injured during filming

Bond actor Daniel Craig (51) was recently injured while filming his ankle. Also announced on Twitter a few days ago that the actor must therefore undergo a small operation. Production should continue while Craig recovers from the procedure for two weeks. According to the tweet, the film should continue to be released in April 2020 as planned. Let’s hope that even the incident on Tuesday does not change that.

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