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Bitcoin rises to nearly $ 14,000 – and then falls back

The oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is known for its price fluctuations. Since the beginning of the year it went uphill – until again the case came.

The Bitcoin remains true to its price fluctuations: After the Bitcoin late Wednesday evening had continued its soaring initially, he dropped significantly on Thursday morning. Initially, the price rose to $ 13,880 until midnight, before giving in like a stone for $ 2,000. On Thursday morning, a Bitcoin cost on the trading platform Bitstamp with $ 12,650 again slightly more.

For course caprioles, the oldest and best-known digital currency is known, which disqualified them in the eyes of critics as a means of payment largely. In recent weeks, however, the bitcoin price has risen sharply and quite steadily. Since the beginning of the year, the price gains amount to around 250 percent. This is reminiscent of the massive soaring in 2017, which, however, followed by a violent crash the following year.

Most recently, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies benefited above all from the announcement of Facebook and other companies to create a global digital currency called Libra. In addition, market observers cite further reasons for the high-altitude flight, including the prospect of a looser monetary policy of major central banks. The argument, similar to the gold price, is that interest-free investments would be more attractive when interest rates fall.

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