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5 tricks to turn brown faster

Video: With these 5 tricks you will brown even faster

A brown complexion stands for a healthy lifestyle in this country and for many is the beauty ideal for the warm season. We’ll tell you in the video, with which tricks you quickly brown and get the most tan out of a day in the sun.

Bye bye pale complexion – hello tan

Sometimes it was like this: Sometimes we lie in the sun for hours, only to find out in the evening when we look in the mirror that everything was in vain. No tan is noticeable! We still look as cheesy as in the morning and the white T-shirt does not stand out from the skin – it did not take a while to turn brown.

To get rid of the pale complexion and to turn brown quickly, a few simple tricks help you look after just a few hours in the sun, as if you had a week of Mallorca behind you – and all without a self-tanner.

Despite all the tanning tips do not give up sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin.

Do not go without sunscreen, because fast browning is not everything. The sunscreen protects and cares for the skin. So you are a bit slower, but longer lasting and healthier brown. Without sunscreen you risk a sunburn, after which the skin peels first. In addition, the long-term protection against skin cancer is more important than a few shades of brown in spring or summer.

Fast browning thanks to scrub

How do you turn brown quickly? With these insider tips you get a healthy and beautiful brown complexion.

Before sunbathing you should always perform a gentle exfoliation, so that the skin not only quickly turns brown, but also evenly. This removes dead skin cells that make your complexion pale and irregular. These ingredients make it easy to make a scrub at home.

Fast brown skin due to water reflection

Liquid reflects the solar radiation in addition. So if you are on a boat or float on a mattress over a lake, you get more sun – on the one hand, the sun’s rays from above, on the other hand, the radiation that is reflected by the water on your body. The principle also works in the combination of sun and snow in winter.

Fast tan through milking fat and olive oil or coconut oil

Olive oil promotes the tanning process.

Melkfett reflects the sun’s rays! The fat you get in every drugstore from just two euros and is thus a very cheap option to quickly turn brown. Just apply it to the skin before sunbathing. But beware! As the skin becomes very warm, spider veins can form more frequently.

Olive oil not only tastes great in the salad, but also helps a brown complexion on the jumps. It nourishes and cares for the skin while promoting the tanning process. Just put a little olive oil in your palms and distribute it on your body. This also works with coconut oil. But again, there is again an increased risk for spider veins.

Become fast brown with the right nutrition and care

The substance beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, helps the skin with the processing of solar radiation, while providing a certain amount of sun protection and helps the skin, to brown more quickly. People who only have a choice between sunburn and paleness due to sensitive skin should therefore eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, as there is plenty of beta-carotene in them. These are for example carrots, tomatoes, red peppers or apricots.

Give your skin enough moisture with the right cream that you urgently need, especially in summer. An adequately supplied skin responds biochemically better to the sunlight. The result: fast browning is much easier. But also an abundant fluid intake ensures an elastic and beautiful skin. Drink at least two liters of water a day.

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