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Is Facebook building the new world currency?

High-tech for the ears: In the weekly podcast tech freaks, the BILD technology reporters Sven Schirmer and Martin Eisenlauer talk about gadgets, games and the broad Internet. “Tech-freaks – the high-tech podcast from BILD” informs about important news from the gadgets, games, consumer electronics, pop culture and web world. You …

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Share WhatsApp status with Facebook soon

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature in the US that will allow users to post their status as a Facebook story at the same time. Only selected beta testers can participate in the test. In addition to Facebook, according to the US magazine “The Verge” status in addition to …

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Pregnant almost deaf, because bones in the ear grew together

After two pregnancies Kate was almost deaf The moment that Kate Llewellyn-Waters from Bath first discovered in England that she was nearly deaf could not have been more dramatic. At the first birth of her first child’s caesarean section, the newly minted mother panicked – because she did not hear …

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Carter calls Trump unlawful president

Former US President Jimmy Carter (94) says Donald Trump lost the election. Trump is only because of the influence of Russia in office. “And I think this interference, while not yet quantified, would show in a full investigation that Trump did not really win the 2016 election,” Carter continued. “He …

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Bitcoin rises to nearly $ 14,000 – and then falls back

The oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is known for its price fluctuations. Since the beginning of the year it went uphill – until again the case came. The Bitcoin remains true to its price fluctuations: After the Bitcoin late Wednesday evening had continued its soaring initially, he dropped significantly on Thursday morning. …

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IOC states: Olympia 2026 is rising in Italy

The International Olympic Committee has determined the host of the Winter Games 2026 at its meeting in Lausanne. The games take place in Italy. Milan will host the XXV in 2026. Olympic Winter Games. The majority of the 82 members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted at the assembly …

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